Growing up in the barren wilderness
of Northern Denmark, perhaps better known as “the countryside”, Al Jacobi would discover his passion for hip hop and go on countless trips to the local library to borrow 50 Cent CDs and other modern rubbish. With time, he would pick up the mic himself and also start producing music.

Rapping and artistic expression were not common where he came from, and all the creativity was kept secret for long, till the hour-long bathroom freestyles would finally become public displays (the freestyle part – not the bathroom part) of lyrical capabilities.

Now, with confidence, charm and no hair, the upcoming rapper wants to portray the imperfect in us humans and show that ugly teeth will not disallow anybody from being a sex symbol in 2023.

A generation amid its own conflicting identity crisis and rebellion against the norms of the past is the starting point for Al Jacobi’s narratives. With banging beats and vivid lyrics, the young wordsmith wants to create a sonic universe that is both innovative and unique whilst supporting his ambitious lyrics.

Al Jacobi is also the only rapper in the world performing with the MiMU Gloves – a wireless, gesticular MIDI controller used to control various parameters of the music while performing. He uses these for musical control and voice manipulation as well as audiovisual communication with dazzled audiences.